Our Concerns

Nashua Telecom

As a Distributor I did operate six outlets as per first agreement. But After this judging my honesty, discipline, punctuality, efficiency and sincerity PBTL’s eager to nominate me for another ten outlets entitled whole Comilla district at June 04, 2007. Since its inception, I have been working as a distributor beyond my honesty, efficiency and sincerity, complying with all the company’s rules and regulations. So far, it is established that the highest number of Outlet Agents and highest number of Retailers (POS) exists beyond my area that I am providing full supports from my end. Also I am in practice and have been decorating all POS with POSM materials. I do lift the product from PBTL office regarding with all the rules and regulation, I distribute the product among the POS owner with requirements maintaining PBTL’s rules. After therefore selling the product POS owner return back SAF. Checking all the documents, I submit it to Citycell for commission and thereafter disburse commission to Retailers. Brand visibility of Citycell is much better in my area than to any other areas. From the early stage of my PBTL’s distributorship, I have been selling Citycell packages.