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Bay Shoe Agent

I am the agent of Bay Shoe Company of Comilla city from 2013. This showroom is spread out above 600 sqft. And situated at the main point of Comilla that is Kandirpar Pubali square. I am also the retailer and doing it with some reputation.

Entitled the whole business I established a well furnished show room in my own premises which valued 1.5 cores. Enough product need to be stocked which needed 50 lacks running capital. So total amount I did invest above 2.0 cores BDT.

There are 10 salesman including a manager are working here with. Total sales in everyday being transferred to Bay Shoes Co. fill up an article form and deposit as D.D. have to send a statement in every 14 days re-valuation the stock. In every year the Audit Team doing total transactions, 2 times.

Where it placed is most populated area of Comilla town. Proving one of the better sales point in this industries as per day 60 thousand above sale. Disbursing commission likely to receive 90 thousand per month.